About Us

CitiGoFash is a global Fashion ecommerce retailer that is committed to providing the best and fashionable products to everyone. We are part of a manufactory company that have access to many retailers to whom we are in business with. We use global marketing to integrate merchandise to our platform of business.

Citigofash have operation in the United States of America, along with other worldwide global agencies.


Citigofash mission is to provide the best fashion trends there is by making it accessible to everyone. So, the company of Citigofash decided to create this digital online retailer platform that includes fashion base products which include shoes, clothing, and accessories. Citi-fash is mostly dedicated and is willing to make the most successful experience for each online shopper by using these top search products.


Citigofash believe that what you wear somehow make a huge reflection of your personality as an equal and as a whole. Every individual person has their own style of being. So when the company of CitiGo says, “We Are Making The Fashion World Better, it means when you (which are the customers) choose the best selection for yourself, it explains your self-identity.